Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Here is my May Newsletter, Summer Schedule, and Financial status update.

Thanks you all for taking a few minutes out of your day to read what God has been doing over here at Bowie State University. Enjoy!

Summer Plans Update!

> I am leaving May 10 to go to Colorado where I will see some of the Edgers I joined navigators with. Some are getting married; some are going back to school. Some are taking what they learned into the workplace, and many others things. Some are staying on for Staff In Training (ME!), I am going to stay at Bowie State University this upcoming school year as I continue to grow and be disciple and learn how to disciple others. 2 Timothy 2:2,
> From May 18- July 2 I will be serving at the Navigator headquarters in Colorado, and learning video editing, recording, stage lighting, and how to give interviews. I will also be working on a Bowie State ministry film, to help raise support and awareness.
> From July 4-14 I will fly out to Durham, North Carolina to the Urban Hope Summer camp I served at last year. And I will videotape interviews, and camp activities for an upcoming film they are going to be working on. And hopefully I will get to visit my sister (Megan) and her son (Nathan), who lives in the area.
> Then from July 14-August 15 I will be in California, hanging out with my family and friends.
> Then from August 15 I will fly back to Maryland and get ready for upcoming school year at Bowie which starts Sept 1st

>> I will be fundraising the whole summer. Trusting God to raise a total of $3,900 in monthly support (before taxes) to cover housing, food, traveling, and ministry costs. I currently have roughly $1,400 in monthly support (before taxes) coming in. But God has been also providing through many large 1 time gifts.

Please Pray and consider joining my monthly financial support team!
Brandon Bornes

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