Saturday, May 29, 2010

Greetings from the Rocky mountains in Colorado

My View Every morning in Colorado Springs

I have been in colorado for the last few weeks. This last week was exciting cause i got to spend it with 1st year incomming staff, who were mostly fresh out of college and going back to college campuses for full time ministry. I got to get to know them, pray with them, encourage them, and just share my expiriences with them. It was a great time.

This is also exciting cause it is one of the biggest classes of people going into the collegiate missions work this year around the country. more than 70!

Soo, i just wanted to update you all on whats been happening with me.

Also the internship is going great, i am learning a lot of things in headquarters. In a few weeks i should be done with the bowie video, and i will send or email you all copies so you can check it out. the student testimonies hopefully will be encouraging to you.

Please Pray for me and my team as we continue to fundraise this summer for another year of ministry at bowie state.

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Team Owens 329 said...

Praying with you, Brother! Stay encourage. We are so proud of you and the work you and the team are doing at Bowie State.